Reliable Car Transportation Door to Door

If you are afraid to let a car you have just bought out of your sight, then Door to Door car transport is the best method. Dealers do that when they place an order to the factory and then the vehicles are dropped off right at the dealership. Using the same kind of transport that dealers use, covered sides and a couple of levels so at least half a dozen cars are in there, can be the most cost effective, direct, and safest method of getting your vehicle from where you bought it, back to your home garage.

Reliable car transportation, and trying to get the best price possible, may take some time, but it can take less of your valuable time if you know where to look. You want a bargain price, that’s for sure. The new to you vehicle you just purchased will need a few repairs and restoration parts often cost a lot of money. There is no point in breaking the bank where transport is concerned. A company or broker you do business with wants your business, needs your business, and may be willing to deal, if they know how to operate in today’s tough economy.

Possibly the best way I’ve found to get a good quote and then deal, is to check a few car transport sites out then fill in a quick quote request online. If they know what they are doing and are eager to get you as a customer, the broker will contact you at the earliest opportunity. A good car transport company should also have a toll free number on their website, because sometimes you can’t even wait for an email response and you want to speak with someone right away. A great broker, one who wants your business, will fill you in on how brokers do business and he or she may explain that the more cars they can get shipped, the lower their prices will be.

If you are still in an undecided mood, it may help to know that if brokers at a car transport company can get vehicles lined up (as many as they can), then the transport will cost less. The less zig-zagging the transport has to do, the less it costs for gas and driver’s pay and other expenses. A delay could mean more money that you will have to pay out for your car transport. In this case time is, indeed, money.

Susan Hart is a world traveled former literary agent. If you have urgent Car Transport needs and want to save money take a look at the site she visited right away.


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