My personal favorite – The Colonoscopy.

I was waist deep in the Gulf of Mexico, fishing for redfish when the initial gnawing pain hit me in the stomach. To become more accurate it was my lower abdomen. Like all dedicated fishermen, I ignored the pain and kept directly on throwing my silver spoon involving the oyster beds off St. George Island off Florida’s Gulf Coast.

I’d had a small burning sensation in my lower abdomen for a couple of days, but now it got my attention, but insufficient to quit fishing. Later that afternoon, after a shower, I curled through to the couch with some iced tea and thought about my predicament. I’d a notion of the situation because I believed I’d had the same about 4 years earlier. It proved to be diverticulitus, an inflammation of the large intestine. I also thought I knew what had caused my body to rebel now; the same as the last. Beef Jerky!

I love the stuff! I make some of the finest jerky on the planet and I’m stingy with it. I’ll share almost anything except jerky made out of my very own two hands! During the last couple of days I’d probably eaten two pounds of the dried meat and now I was paying the price. Probably my intestine had become infected by items of meat that had not been thoroughly eradicated from my system. I took some Advil and proceeded about my business of experiencing excellent time fishing!

The in a few days my doctor poked and muttered to himself and asked me simply how much beef jerky I’d eaten now, then scheduled me for a colonoscopy. His explanation why he was doing this is because I’d never had one and he got a cut of the surgeon’s fee γαστροσκοπηση τιμη κοζανη. That has been the very best explanation I’d heard, so I said you will want to? He also gave me some antibiotics which eventually eliminated the pain.

About one in four men over the age 50 gets colon cancer. Those are high enough odds to produce this type of test as this necessary and my friends all said it was a piece of cake. They didn’t tell me that the preparation area of the test was worse than the exam itself. It was horrible!

The morning before the actual test, forget about ham and eggs for breakfast. Juice or beef or chicken broth, may be the menu for the day. Apple juice was the recommended juice! Do you know what an abundance of apple juice will do for you? That’s right! Diarrhea! There’s only so much apple juice you can drink before you burst, so I alternated between iced tea and apple juice all day with a wholesome spoonful of beef bouillon dissolved in a pot of boiling water. Delicious since it sounds, I wished I really could have experienced a meat!

At 4:00 that afternoon, following a day of consuming liquids and likely to the bathroom an astonishing number of times, the serious stuff began. I took 4 pills and waited two hours before drinking a mixture concocted by the devil himself. It tasted awful and I still do not know what those 4 pills were for!

This area of the test was supposed to take care of what the apple juice and other liquids missed. I was furnished a set containing a quart jug with a suspicious-looking powder in the bottom. There have been 5 packets of flavoring in the kit and I really could select from Lemon-Lime, Mountain Berry, Cola, Pineapple and Pina’Colada! I chose Pineapple. Bad Choice! One of these mixed with the powder and then dissolved in a quart of water was supposed to make the brew taste better. It didn’t! I’d to drink at the least a half gallon of the liquid over an hour’s time. The last half gallon in the jug was to be properly used if I threw up the initial half of the bottle. The outcome weren’t pretty however it served its purpose!

The next morning, stomach empty, I was wheeled right into a small room with monitors chirping, nurses fiddling with IV tubes and a smiling doctor asking me if I’d had this done before. Unlikely, or I wouldn’t be here now, I told him. He just laughed and said that the worst was over. It was! Those were last words I heard before I was awakened from the very best sleep I’d had in years. With the exception of the sting of the IV needle, I knew nothing of the test.

Thankfully, the test was negative in most aspects and I suggest that all men have the exam. It’s never such as the tests of previous years and it’s very important if you want to catch cancer of the colon in its early stages. I’ll take action next season, but next time I’ll choose Mountain Berry mix.


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