Auto Shipping and Personal Items

One of the most commonly asked questions during any shipping is whether or not you can ship a personal item inside your vehicle. We understand why it is such a common question, because why shouldn’t you ship some personal items with your car? It certainly makes packing a whole lot easier for you. However, there are a number of concerns with transporting personal items with your vehicle Car Shipping.

Auto Shipping and Car Weight
First and foremost, you have to think about the added weight personal items will add to your car. Shipping a few suitcases might not seem like a lot of added weight to something as heavy as a car. However, if you take into consideration how a carrier is designed, you might not want to add the extra weight. The heavier a car is on a carrier, the more it cost to transport. If a car does not adhere to the weight limits a trucker must follow, the trucker could be subjected to paying unwanted fines.

Theft During Transport
Another thing people fail to remember is how unsafe leaving valuables in your car can be. Theft is not unheard of with any car, and it is an especially true thing to consider during auto transport. Drivers are not driving straight through from pick up to drop off. They are required to stop and rest. During these rests, the cars are left on the carrier as it would be if it was parked at a hotel or restaurant if you were driving it yourself. If your car is fully packed with personal items, and the carrier driver is not by the carrier because he is sleeping, the driver will not be able to stop a passerby from breaking into your car and taking your items. Now, keep in mind, most personal insurance companies can help protect you from scenarios like this. However, why would you want to take the risk?

Car Damage
You must understand that smooth rides aren’t necessarily the case with many auto transports. If an item in your car is not properly secure, it could move around. This could potentially damage your vehicle. And even though your vehicle is covered for any damages, your personal items are not. If a personal item inside your transported vehicle winds up damaged in transport, there is nothing the auto company can do to further assist you. That is all on you. Always take precaution over the safety of your items.

It might seem like a good idea to ship your vehicle with your extra items for your trip, but it really isn’t. Once you take into account the risk of theft, the potential damages, and the extra weight cost, it really isn’t worth it. You don’t want to damage your vehicle and you don’t want to spend extra money over a suitcase adding weight. Save your money and sanity by not transporting a vehicle with personal items.


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